The Story of Magic of Community

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I felt a child acting on my nerves (I here am facilitators)

The list was long of my discomfort with his behavior and attitudes and responses and actions and blah blah! (you know facilitators are also human, we also have many good days and many bad days)

Ah! I felt helpless and overwhelmed

I felt victim

I was taking all on my shoulders, I assumed as a facilitator it was only my responsibility.

I took the help of parents, parents were equally helpless and overwhelmed

So now we were more helpless and overwhelmed

We all felt a victim of being a mentor and parents

I forgot that the community exist (age doesn’t matter)

I decided to to take it off my shoulders

In helpmate asked for participation and taking responsibility of another member

If one person questioning, it’s too much

If many taking the responsibility, this gets divided (maths is so simple)

First, we spoke in helpmate

We spoke about our struggles to be able to take the responsibility

We spoke about our expectations

We listened to him

We were now more aware and sensitive
Now it wasn’t “I”, it was “WE”

It was not only my responsibility anymore
Next day community feedback

And the process continues…

Well, suddenly I felt so light and free

No helpless, only support

No victim, only journey

He is the same, he has his own journey to transform

But I am different

The magic of community participation, I found Buddha in me!