Story on Kelmangalam

Narrator – I am telling a bit of history of the common village, Kelmanagalm. I went there to understand the history – once a modern civilized man and an ancient man was having a fight.

Ancient man said “do not underestimate the power of the wood.”.
Modern man – our plywood is also wood and it is better.
Ancient man – Wooden made stuff are very strong.
Modern Man – Our walls are even stronger than that.
Ancient man – Our walls are made of mud and stones, so they are natural.
Modern man- Man made lakes give water to you.
Ancient man – Natural lakes gives fresh water.

Narrator – Then I moved on, I saw many open water channels on the way. I saw mud houses half inside the ground. There were many confusing facts, I saw big and strong rocks in the water, around there were rocks of different colur and size. I once read that Krishnagiri, was once part of Dharamagiri, which was once part of Salem.

Our team came for a surprise at Aarohi life center and we saw small three small puppies and three small kittens and there were different types of buildings, and it was really big land, and there was a earth bag kitchen and I had lots of fun. THE END.