The story of KAA at Aarohi – Travel to Learn



Travelling is an amazing education. Traveling together is even better. That is what are KAA trips – travel, see, meet, eat and learn.

We go for roughly 3 to 4 KAA trips in a year. These trips can be anything from 2 to a week-long duration. we all choose themes for the trips and children research places options and after deciding locations, they further organize the trips.

For the first year when we introduced – K meant “Kaigal And Aarohi”, just an outstation trip to explore learning outside. Next year it became “Kaveri And Aarohi” – We studied river from head to toe (source to end) and with it study the varying geography, nature, culture, economy, social life, history, science, along its route. We explored river C(k)auvery by visiting river at different places – we began with it Udgam at Talakaveri, Karnataka and ended up with its delta at Poompuhar in Tamilnadu. In five trips we explored river and life around the river in different forms – near Udgam it was religious and near Poompuhar the existence of river was almost negligible. We met river Cauvery at waterfalls, in a dam, in farms, in cities, and in villages. We not only understood about the river and geography but also different landforms, in bird sanctuary life around the water, farming, tourism, wildlife and many more other learning experiences.

After that it became Kampus And Aarohi (KAA) – We explored the making of the new campus of Aarohi at Kelamangalam near Hosur. We visited the places which gave us the opportunity to explore alternative methods of buildings, lifestyle, sustainable living, community living. We also did a dedicated community kitchen trip to explore cooking in the rural environment.

After that it became Kudrat And Aarohi (KAA)- The idea was to “experience various forms of forests”. The trips were not visiting resorts or any tourism, but experience by being inside various kinds of forests. Experience the forest in its purest form by being in the forest. Experience the forest in the morning, at noon, in the night with ALL the senses – feel it, smell it, listen to it, taste it and just BE WITH IT. Soak in the forest, No show, no teaching, no tourism. We explored – Dry Deciduous and grasslands (Tumkur), Moist Deciduous and swamp forest (Nagarhole), Rain forest (Sharavathi)

After that it became Kings And Aarohi (KAA) -We live in the land of Kings and Queens. They lived in the land of Architecture, culture, art, music, food, costumes, governance, people and their stories.

Karm Bhmmoi And Aarohi (KAA) was about exploring lands seeing, touching and talking about Kings and Queens. We began our journey to explore history by visiting the fort of Chikmaglur, temples of Belur and Halebidu

Kanha And Aarohi (KAA) – Trip to Kanha Tiger Reserve was not only about tigers! It began with preparation and understanding our own fears and beliefs about traveling in sleeper class. The trip made us wonder that we all know so less about our surroundings better..trees in our area, visiting birds, history of the area, about the people who live around (cobbler who is master in repairing, plumber who can solve all your problems, grocer who delivers in minutes, your next-door neighbour who can engage kids with stories of his childhood, a painter who painted the walls of Bangalore, soldier who was part of army till last year and so on).

Then it was about Kallu And Aarohi (KAA), our journey with climbing and exploring rocks of Ramnagraam. Exploring, experiencing, enjoying the craft of Ramnagaram and understanding self, nature and rocks (with rock climbing).

Traveling on foot through the ruins of Hampi to KperienceHistory And Aarohi (KAA) stimulated our play of imagination with past…

Then it was about Klimbing rocks of Badami And Aarohi (KAA). We experienced… liberating, happy, excited, not giving up, scared, persistence, excited, nervous, scared, gratitude, relieved, grateful, determination, caring, perseverance, observation, thinking, taking risks, making decisions, pausing and taking action, connecting, humor, satisfied, disappointed, caring, connecting, exciting, accepting, nervous, difficult, sharing, irritated, interesting, humorous, thinking, fear, finding, listening, blissful, Initiative, scared.

And now…let’s EXPLORE