Story of Dhanak

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Herentrepreneurshipis growing and glowing
She is getting more orders than she can produce
She now has a full-time assistant to assist her in production
This brought a challenge – more mental work than physical work, training, and delegating work.
The growing business also brought an opportunity to understand business beyond just making and selling – training the staff, cost of people, profit, loss, accounts, margins, procuring stocks, SOR (sale or return), white labeling, balance sheet and so on
The post office objected “if you are doing business, you need to produce a registration letter”. Well, this brought an opportunity to understand “what is small scale industry, what is GST – to go for it or not? And Finally registering as MSME (micro small medium enterprises by Udyog Aadhar)
Heard about IKAGAI – Now can see it in practice!

Story of Dhanak, This video gives you a glimpse of what is Dhanak and why natural products.