Story of Cheela

He was in the menu this week
Menu making brings an opportunity to put dishes of your homes and taste
He came up with an idea of “cheela”
He was confident of the recipe
I showed apprehension “will everyone like it?”
But He was excited with the recipe
We came up with an idea of “sample making”
He planned it for the next day
Made a sample – worked on it from the beginning to the end
He was confident of recipe
He served a bite to everyone and waited for the feedback
Got mixed feedback
Conducted a survey to get the real picture
Next day we put this in the menu
He supervised the making of it
He was determined to get it “right”
And it was fully sold
His choice was clear, efforts were endless and no apprehensions deterred him from making “cheela”.
He worked on each feedback to ensure brining a quality food as he was responsible for so many in the community
And that all about the story of the Cheela this week!
Imagine, Aarohi an Open Leaninrg COmmunity, here learning happens from life for life!