A story of Aditi


Another pillar ofAarohi. Popularly know as the blogger ofAarohi. Known for her clarity in what she is doing or while working with others. She is firm when required, brings balance in being firm with clarity and let go. The implementer and thinker pillar ofAarohi brings value with her reverence inwhatever she does.

She says “By profession Architect, but I have been doing counseling to parents and training workshops for parents and teachers and been enjoying working with children since 1999.The best part about living and working with children is that I am excited about everything in life – right from potato chips, to rappelling, poetry and singing to dancing to sketching to technology to making things, to, to, to laughing silly over everything.I am an organizer, a creator. With children and Aarohi, my life is constantly evolving.I started my journey of Aarohi, when we started homeschooling our daughter. Mother of two (11 and 18yrs old) I enjoyed each moment of homeschooling/unschooling/ with Aarohi”.