Dear Parents,

Many of our children are reading, and they read a lot, they are read a lot by, peers, parents etc. Many of our children write “wrong” – they really write phonetically and hence it appear wrong.

While it is not wrong to ask for a correct spelling, it is also not right to label as wrong writing.

  • Why ask for a right spelling – Because this is the way it looks and most people recognize it that way, hence to make a readable writing, we all write SAME spellings.
  • Why not label as wrong writing – Because they are not wrong, kids write with sound and they do not feel (hear) as it wrong.

few things which we recommend at home

  1. READ READ READ – Read atlest one page a day, bring variety.
  2. WRITE WRITE WRITE – write to your child to read, child writes, you writes
  3. COPY COPY COPY – copy from a text, write a note and child copy………keep a slate and wrote spellings to copy
  4. Play word games – some of the games suggested in the kit – link below
  5. Label things around
  6. LOOK at spellings while reading
  7. DISCUSS the structure of the word while reading (share your objective with the child)
  8. INVOLVE your child in understanding his/ her writing
  9. Go through this webinar to understand about your child’s writing – click here

Some more thoughts/ games on “spellings” in this floccinaucinihilipication – click here