Learning Utsav at Aarohi Campus

Learning is LIMITLESS!!!

Learning Utsav is all about learners of different age groups coming together and totally immersing in different flavours of learning for an entire week!

With a new flavour of learning each day – you, your child and your entire family will have the experience and exposure from various learners, experts, collaborations , different ages, diverse cultures all coming together for learning and doing.

You will also have the opportunity of meeting different families, aarohi community and witnessing each family’s open learning journey first hand.

Dates – 12th Aug to 16th Aug 2024
Aarohi Campus, 60kms from Bangalore (Location on Maps)

5 Days, 5 Themes

Day 01 – Learning from Community
Day 02 – Learning from Experts
Day 03 – Learning from Local Villagers
Day 04 – Learning about ‘Open Learning’
Day 05 – Learning from Outdoors & Nature

Learning Utsav Experience

~ Each day, 3-4 hours will be allocated for different learning workshops as per the day’s theme
~ On some days, we will have experts coming in from outside to conduct workshop in their area of expertise typically like crochet, pottery, bird watching, terrarium making etc. It is all about learning a skill from an expert.
~ Some days would be about interacting with villagers and learning about local crafts, agricultural practices and local livelihoods
~ Some days is all about outdoor activities and soaking in the calming serenity of the lush, natural surroundings of Aarohi Campus
~Some days, you will connect with different families and understand how open learning is practiced by each family in their own unique flavour
~ There will be ample time for sports, fitness, connections, sharing circles, all of us dancing and singing together, star gazing and much more
~ For guests, atleast 1 parent needs to accompany the child (below 12 years) for the entire week. Teenagers can visit by themselves. Other members of your family including grandparents can also join for the entire week or some days. We recommend coming for the entire week for a wholesome and one-of-a-kind learning experience.
~Avoid getting work/zoom meetings/homework/school assignments to Learning Utsav. It will be 5 days of total immersion into living and learning with a community. Please join only for days when you and the child can be completely present physically, mentally and socially to avoid disrupting the working of the community with other commitments

For guests, the contribution is in the sliding scale of ₹7,000 to ₹10,000per person. For children below 7 years ₹3,000 to ₹5,000

For existing community members, the contribution is in the sliding scale of ₹5,000 to ₹7,000 per person. For children under 7 years, ₹2,000 to ₹5,000

Please Aarohi is a not-for-profit with the sole objective of supporting chil-led learning. The community is entirely run on contribution made by families like you.

You can do payment either in advance or when you’re at the campus.
Payment options click here.

Step 1> Attend at least 1 Saturday Online Meetup happening every week
Step 2> Register using the form. Find payment details in the registration form.
Step 3 > Once we get the form, your name will be added to the WhatsApp group for visiting campus details

Kindly ensure the number shared at the time of registration is a WhatsApp number.


Last Day to register is 05th August 2024.

Queries – WhatsApp your questions to Aarohi’s Whatsapp Connect number: 72040-66694