Special moment for me

This week I was coming back to Bangalore with o-campus children through train. At kelmanglam railway station we were waiting for train and one chips seller came on cycle. All children were excited to buy chips. The children who were without money tried to borrow from their peers and succeeded. All deals were done within a minute:).

Few children choose to keep chips packets inside bags and decided to eat in train. Few started eating. One 4 years’ child was eating her chips and others were asking her: “Can I take one?” For one or two times she replied: “Yes you can take.” After some time she replied: ”Why are you asking me? Take no?” As if she could not understand the reason to ask. I was observing them. She was so normal and it was not a big deal for her. I liked the clarity and simplicity. There was no sign of its mine, I bought it…..I was wondering “Is it that I as a mother or an adult who puts the thought of mine, sharing etc,etc in child’s mind?”