Space to glow and grow (winter camp 2014)


Self directed learning is not always learning by self, it is when and how and from whom I want to learn. During winter camp, to begin with kids were surprised they can do what they want do and how they want they do. Soon the concept grew on them, things started falling in place, they started looking for what they want to do.

One child spotted a musical keyboard and started playing and learning by self. Soon some more joined the exploration.

They learnt at odd hours, while some would watch movies or do group reading, some would practice keyboard.While some would sleep, some will practice with headphone (to not disturb sleeping souls).

Learning is natural phenomenon and each of us thrives on learning. Each does not learn the same thing or same way or at the same time – all our kids need is – ‘space’ to glow and grow. They do not need freedom from us, they need freedom from our our control and our beliefs about learning – they need freedom to be themselves.

Each child is unique, Let’s wish our kids “You are you, You are contagious, you spread YOUism”.