This week in session math manipulatives were given to a group of children. I enjoyed the way they used the whole set.
1st they just kept looking at it, one by one taking the things- I am sure they may be pondering over it what it was. Slowly at their own individual pace, they started a lot of self talk on what it would be. Asking questions why these things should be part of the kit. What more would they add. After all this absolute no hurry to each anywhere, they decided to work together, they designed their own games from shop keepers, to friends, to addition, to multiplication, to big and small , to making a song the list is endless.
The space and pace to learn by self and the belief in children that they will find their path really helped. An article send by a friend Sarika helped to reiterate that no need to hasten the speed, let them soak into their own experience, No activities, no stimulation was required for them. Beautiful way of learning with a strong belief I am able.