Sound of snake

One child came running, few more followed her “I saw a snake!!! I asked the description of snake – color, size, ……..she said “ I did not see, another child told me she heard the sound of snake”. She was sacred, it spread in seconds “I heard, I saw, It was black, it was cobra………..”.

We all went out and heard the various sound we could hear – a bird, wind, tree swaying, cat……but could not identify any sound which was snake’s sound. She went and told to other child “it was not snake’s sound, it was wind sound”.

Different children made different sound of leaf and snake. Play with different sounds – zzzzzzzz and ssssssssssss and srrrrrr and zrrrrrrrrrrrr. Another child joined and he became the sound leader, anyone who was expressing “I saw snake”, he was taking them outside and listening with them various sounds. When he came in the morning he told me “I do not want to do anything”. Now he was sound leader.