Some thoughts

Some thoughts from the sessions as kids shared in reflection

  • This week I learnt, ‘things break for good, so we can make again like my bed curtain. In my life I will come acroos gross things like cat eating dead rat or vomit with blood”. I know now, that writing is not just handwriting but is also expressing your feelings. I can fly a kite. As many ways a path is blocked, it can be crossed like Bella crossed barbed wire.
  • Writing is not about handwriting, spellings but it is about expression and compsoing and presenting thoughts.
  • When I am interested in something I just do. I donot like to do when it is tough but then I do the same thig again with new material.
  • Kites were not, flying they were tearing, but trying made me feel I will be able to do once, I enjoyed trying.
  • I was flying kites whole day, I learnt how to tie thread on kite and how to fly kites, I enjoyed flying kites a lot. I came across some obstacles like kite tearing, unbalanced kite, thread getting stuck in barbed wire, kite stuck in tree and so on. I was persistent to fly kites and have fun so I solved the problems.