Some poetry on Open Learning



Once there was a bindass open learner
Who put herself on the hot burner

She was on fire
Burning with desire

Roasted her skills till she become a super earner


Once a set of parents thought otherwise

Not to run behind any kind of prize
Focus on his interest
His Passions and his zest

And viola they their child grew to his size


If you ever ever want to be free

Come very slowly to Aarohee

Here Passions glow
As interests grow

tended to with care by the communitee


To be passionate or not to be

like a butterfly or like a bee

you need not decide
go deep or do wide
For dear your life is your decree


An open learner once had a doubt
What if she grew her passion out

She called a doctor
Who simply propped her
When one dies dear, another sprouts


Open learners often sometimes panic
for everybody anyways calls them manic
Her’s Passion
Was Her’s Fashion

That’s why open learning is called organic


Open Learners too are scared of fears
That’s why they keep lots of peers
By their side
Who’re calm outside
But inside passions are flowing tears


Here is how to grow your passion
First with self develop some compassion
Then you fight
with all your might
till your interest grows into a big mansion


Once there was a tiny little human being
Who was not passionate about anything

So he made a rhyme
out of all his time
and now he is in love with everything