Social Relationships all around

Even before the social relationship week went live….while I was preparing the design, I could feel myself becoming alert about the different nuances of social relationship. Different people shared with me, their understanding about social relationship which made my understanding clearer …or so I think….:0

Different stimulation activities to bring about different aspects of a social relationship were ‘enjoyed’ by all of us…known people become ‘more’ known ….simple joys of giving and receiving compliments, sharing own experiences- more to talk to myself through sharing with others, actually thinking and making a list of how can I make friends brought about systematic thinking to a social activity- these and many more activities were done by the children. Children explored the different contents of People Genie….few contents were on top of popularity list..namely ‘marriage.’

Through our Turkish floucinoucinihilipilification, we made a quick virtual trip of Turkish cuisine, tourist hot spots of Istanbul, the rock formation of Urgup. Children soaked in the hot air balloon picture….I am sure Turkish Tourism will get lot of querries soon..

My beliefs, my image about somebody, my acceptance of somebody and communication…..the different aspects of social relationship were explored by each child in different ways.