Socha kuch hua kuch

This week in morning welcome we brought different metals. The first day, I kept different objects made up of steel. Next day I added copper objects. When I had prepared the welcome, chemistry was there in my mind. I had imagined that this may lead to comparing different metals, observing their properties and reaction with water,salt and tamrind etc. What actually happened was that all objects were used to do puja :). Lot of imaginatios and role plays were going on. During the whole welcome(3 days of 15 min each), they were working on their imagination and expression skills. “Kab, kya, kahan, kaise rang dikhaye kise pata?” The next time I may take resources for expression skills and it may lead to exploring chemistry :). I enjoyed observing them and realised that my role is to bring variety and resources and leave them to explore.