Russell’s viper: is a nocturnal snake which means it comes out mostly in the night. It has a triangle head. It is hemotoxic to humans that means that it affects the blood flow and causes blockage. A new born Russell’s viper is 25cm long!. It’s sound is like a pressure cooker it has a really long whistle like ssssssssssss. It can strike really fast. Only 5 percent of people die due to snake bites. You have about two to six hours to go to the hospital of you are bitten.

Spectacled cobra: This cobra has a spectacle design on the back of its head. This cobra is neurotoxic which means that it will stop the breathing. It eats on rats gross etc. Venomous snakes have venomous glands which it uses to inject on its prey. This cobra mostly gives dry bites in the sense it won’t affect your body but don’t take a chance. The gang of any venomous snake is how do that or can inject venom in its prey. The spectacled cobra had round eyes.

Common Krait: this snake is also nocturnal. It’s about three feet. Kraits eat other snakes just the way king cobra does. It’s like kind of carnivores. This is also an neurotoxic

Snake. The common Krait had white colour bands from the head and it had a black body

Non venomous

Rat snake: it had a long head and thick body and the tail had Zebra marks and the body is light brownish colour. This snake moves really fast. It’s about as long as 7 feet. It can climb a tree as well. It eats eggs and young chicks from bird nests.

Sand boa: it’s really fat and the marking is like the one on a python but this has a reddish colour.

Trinket: this snake has a small head and freshly thick body. This snake is Trish brown that type of colour.

Wolf snake: this snake is like common Krait but it had a brown body and only single band. In the sense the band is only on the top of the snake. Below the snake there is no band.

Cheeked back snake: it had marks like a chess board. And it’s really thick.

Python: it’s really fat and the makings are really wiggly that’s the reason you can differentiate it from Russell’s viper.

First aid: the person should not get excited he/she should be calm. Just rush the person to the hospital.

That’s what all I have learnt about from this live station (jatre)