Small Experiences – Teen Club


Small actions, just an hour a week – and we could explore many areas of self-development with the teens of Aarohi

  • SELF IMAGE – How I see myself, How others see myself
  • LISTENING – listen to each other and that’s all
  • BELIEFS – Where does the belief come from?
  • THE MODEL with Sonal – If I change my thoughts, can my feelings change?
  • SEXUALITY through STORIES with Richard, Sex education with Aditi – Taboo topics, talk, beliefs, thoughts on sexuality, information v/s application,
  • LOVE and RELATIONSHIP – understanding myself through love, relationship, crushes, stereotype,
  • FRIENDSHIP – art based expression on what all this means?
  • UNDERSTANDING PUBERTY and GENDER – Images, social differences, differences of gender
  • DEATH – some questions, how do we feel, some fear
  • FEAR – Understanding, what are we fearful, our experiences,
  • MANIFESTATION – Intention, what we want to manifest,
  • SAFETY – emotional, cyber, sexual
  • GOSSIPING – let the relationship happens,

Some expressions – Informative, changing the perspectives, thought-provoking, weird, fun, connecting with myself, break boundaries, sharing, expressing, never thought, go deeper and connect with self,


How did this expand on what you already knew?

How did this help you to grow?

What skills are developed?

How will this help you to know about the world?

How will this help you to live FULLY?

And some EXPRESSIONS – Interaction, reflecting, thinking, informative, sometimes boring, gave clarity, not random stuff, listening skills, a different perspective different from media/friends, connect with the community, go deeper into self, information about myself, and awareness!