Introduction: I am the publicity media officer of aarohi and my new blog is about sketching. I am going to talk about a few techniques on sketching. So let’s dig into it.

Shading: Shading is when you make any object dark or light by applying a certain amount of pressure. It also depends on the light if you imagine the light coming slightly from above on the right side on a marble. Then I would make the bottom left corner dark and slowly shade it lighter and lighter. You can try as well. width=

Pin point perspective drawing (PPPD): PPPD is when you draw something and it fades away at one point called a vanishing point. Like suppose I draw a railway track. Now if I draw it with the same breadth all over the paper it will look like a vertical ladder. But i will make it more and more narrow as I go up. Then it really looks like it is fading away. width=

Two pin point perspective drawing: Two pin point perspective drawing is when the drawing fades at two points. So suppose I draw a house from the corner it should be in a way that only the corner is big and on both the sides the house should kind of become smaller. But it shouldn’t fade away. width=

Setting up a still life: A still life means when I actually draw something by looking at it. And not something that is already there but something which I put myself. Like for example I put my headphone and drew it. And one more important thing is that I see where it is dark and where there is light. This involves a lot of shading. width=

Point of interest: Point of interest is almost the same as depth of field in photography. In this you pick a thing which you want to focus on like make all the details. And the rest should just have some very non detailed figures.


My experience: Before I started this course I was very reluctant to do the course. But then aditi aunty (facilitator) told me that if I want to go deeper into sketching taking a course would help me. So I took take a course. So I took a course on youtube the channel has many episodes on sketching and I have told you all the techniques I learnt. They are very helpfull now and I am really clear about how I sketch these days. And yhe that is my story to this blog.

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