Sit on the Bones

A session with Sonal, This Teen cafe we explored 6 Wisdom points in the body by Suzanne Scurlock Durana.
1. Brain – The logical mind
2. Heart – Our feelings
3. Gut – Instinct. Does it feels right or not – Why we don’t listen to our guts? May be brain overrule.
4. Hips – The engine of the body, where does the power comes from – energy comes from here to move. Deepest emotions are stored here.
5. Feet and legs – Stealth mode, sometimes we are confused – many things feel right but wrong also. Walking allow cross-body connections and sometimes allows to bring clarity. Walking allows to settles the mind thoughts.
6. Bones – Sit in your bones. Stepping into your soul’s path. Quiet and Calm.
Just a small activity – Sit in your bones – close eyes and connect with bones one by one. Bones are the solid part of our body, its what is holding us up and is always there for us. And this brought the experience of peaceful, empty, quiet, nothing exist, see our own soul, a lot of thoughts, couldn’t hear noises outside, calm, talking to myself, meditation and to few, it did not make a difference. The mind is always busy, running constantly. If we want to pause from it, we can tap into our other wisdom points. Sit and connect with our bones, go for a walk and just clear our thoughts.

When making a decision, one can connect with all the 6 wisdom points in the body, and use its guidance to take a clear decision. The alignment of the 6 wisdom points helps in making a decision.

We give all the importance to our brain – but we rarely give importance to the wisdom the other parts of the body hold – why?