Singing Outdoor

Music and Singing

In our outdoor visit to a musical instruments shop, children’s curiosity to explore and understand was the driving force. Eyes wide open, soaking in every detail of the rich display of musical instruments, time stood still for all of us

Our hosts must be aware of the amusement level in their visitors….they gave us time and space to travel from seeing and understanding to curiosity and questioning

Questions starting to pour in

– cost?

– how does it create this sound?

– what is the difference between this and that?

– why so many strings?

– what is the name?

– how does this work?

– why this?

– how….

The main course of our experience was a musical treat for our ears. One musician from the shop sang a film song for us with full fanfare. We could connect to the feelings of the singer. We soaked in this experience with our eyes and mouths wide open. This was followed by an english song.

Then it was our turn to take the control ( oops..the Mike ) in our hands.
Hum bhi kuch kam nahi hai

The whole Aarohi team sang with full enthusiasm, pouring their hearts into their singing. We were oblivious to the photographers around us…to the listeners around us…We were singing for ourselves. Each one of us was singing for his own self…

We all experienced ‘singing’