Simply living!


He likes to play football

He also likes to play table tennis

He likes land work

He likes the job of “cash manager”

He also works as “pet pal”

He likes to take responsibility for pets food

He likes to coordinate with the support staff at the campus

He likes video games, watching movies and watching senseless videos

He is sometimes violent, working on anger with yoga he says

He is caring for different ages

He wants to learn to speak in English

He makes guest at ease

He connects with different children from different cultures

He also has his own inhibitions to talk to some people

When he plays competitively with other teams matches his heart beats up badly with anxiety

But he plays

He likes dogs

He takes care of them at the campus – food, medical and being with them

He did a session on “pets, me and care”.

He felt a bit nervous in the beginning, but once he started, he flew
He is just living

Imagine Aarohi, An Open Learning Community, a life education, where learning happens from life – for life.