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He fell sick

He came into the kitchen and demanded: “what no food for me?”

I thought,

‘dear you seem to have reached a different address

Here we don’t serve to anyone

Here the sickness is part of your learning journey

When you fall sick – it brings an opportunity to know self

And that is this place is all about “self-discovery”.

Well, he went to the campus medic to understand what all is happening to him

What are the options?

What are the possibilities?

Together they created a plan for him – what to eat when to eat, when to take steam, what medicines to take, what changes to observe, what not to eat

He came this time to the kitchen with a request and understanding “I am sick, I can eat this and I cannot eat this, can this be cooked for me, and can this…?

I said, welcome dear “You have reached Aarohi, a learning community where we learn for life FROM LIFE!”