Shifting to O-Campus

We have finally shifted to the campus. Still, the campus is not ready, but we have shifted.

The journey is beautiful

Kids wanted to shift, we all wanted to shift – we set the date
On the date (29th July) I was apprehensive and not mentally ready to take the unsettling. I assumed, I have to take all the responsibility and ensure that kids get the “all settled space”.

I shared with kids

  • Water controller is burnt, so no water to bath or for toilet. The tank is dirty so cannot use toilets.
  • Pantry is not ready, so we have to travel for every meal to the pink house
  • The windows still have some work to be done, so we will have windy rooms.
  • The solar panels are in place, but we may not have lights installed, we may have to work with torches or lamps.
  • It is tooooooooo windy, it may be cold………………

At the end I heard “its okay, we are ready to shift”.And all my apprehensions were addressed – not by solving the problem or making arrangements but the confidence and involvement of kids. They took over, they set their rooms, set sleeping places, set session areas…………….put curtains……………..arrange for drinking water and ready to SHIFT.

We have been living at the campus since then, we are still travelling to the pink house for all our meals, we still do not have bore well water to take bath……………….but we still look forward to living at the campus. We run in the night to our little corners, our own private corners. We are happy with the thoughts that we no more has to wrap up our session material each day, fold our beds, we even leave our books open to read the next day from the same page. We have created our own world……………….and for all the settling troubles, we are together. The troubles are not troubles, no one is serving us, we all are making our own world oursleevs, we are living life. We are able, we are Amable!!!