Sharing a Christmas Story. All events are true, no fiction here

Wrote on: December 27, 2013 at 10:24am

This Christmas, the kids introduced themselves to hypothesis testing! Their hypothesis being: “Santa exists?”

Chaitra and Advait, came up with an elaborate mechanism to test their conjecture. I am guessing the big sis just called the shots and lil one just followed suit. He must have found statistical significance to the hypothesis that his life is better when he just agrees with his sister.The idea behind the experiment: “Write a letter to Santa with a list of gifts they want, leave it near the Christmas tree. Dont tell parents about it, and see what happens. If Santa is really there then the gifts will show up else he doesnt exist.”

Now I know why chaitra was insisting on a christmas tree at home, I brushed her off saying there is one in the campus creche that she can consider it hers.

On Christmas morning a small sheet of paper was left, probably overnight, on the Tulsi pot on the terrace. When stingy parents don’t buy christmas trees, children find substitutes! The list was neatly compiled, anybody could read it.. even Santa if he wanted to.

The list read:


1. One white color iPad – Samsung

2. One purple color iPod – Apple

3. Ice cream shaped headsets

4. A watch set with seven different colored straps

5. A sticker book with my favorite princesses


1. A pull back aeroplane

2. A red color toy bus

The rest of the story can be summed up in a few sentences.. Parents find the list, hope that Santa is really there, as the list is too daunting for them. There is pressure from grandparents to meet their INNOCENT wishes. Parents then use a gift voucher that children won as a prize, pick the least expensive of the wishes, and leave the gift near the Tulsi.Children are left in awe.. happy that Santa exists, but puzzled by his similarity to their parents. Should’nt he atleast be more generous and less selective? What happened to Samsung pad and iPod, Chaitra wondered.

Mom gives a marketing lesson, ‘Santa must be too attached to these brands to part with them.’

Mother of Advaith and Chaitra