Sexual safety – Rights ad Duty

Sexual safety – It is my constitutional right to be sexually safe. Hmmmmm the session began with a quiz………………….and we moved on to “what are my rights and duty for my sexual safety”. They shared


  • I have the right to take action if I am not safe
  • I have the right to take action when the incident is happening.
  • I have the right to have discussion on it.
  • I have right to have my own privacy.
  • I have right to take help of others.
  • I have right to say no, shout and scream. .
  • I have right to shout or kick and hurt others when I am unsafe.
  • I have right to demand and ask for a safe environment
  • I have right be safe
  • I have right to express when I do not feel safe. Noone can touch my private parts, can peep when I ma taking bath and changing.
  • I have right to protect. Stop or push away the person when someone is touching my private body parts or removing my clothes.


  • It is my duty to give safety to others, so I get safety in response.
  • It is my duty to talk firmly.
  • It is my duty to not make rumours, gossip and talk behind.
  • It is my duty to take care of my body. Not allow anyone come close to me.
  • It is my duty to close the doors and windows when I am changing
  • It is my duty to be serious and firm in the situation.
  • It is my duty to take care of everyone’s privacy. If anything happens tell a trusted person.
  • It is my duty to inform other people if anything is wrong.
  • It is my duty to take help and give help.
  • It is my duty to take care of others. I should not touch anyone’s private parts,
  • It is my duty to wear clothes which covers my private body parts.
  • Stand for myself and for others also.


1. You are in the bathroom and somebody tries to open the door

a. Don’t allow by shouting or pushing the door

b. Silently hide behind the door

c. Don’t take any action and avoid discussions

d. None of the above

2. Somebody pulls your clothes

1. Hold your clothes

2. Slap the person

3. Allow him/her to pull

4. None of the above

3. Somebody touches your private body parts

1. Allow and complain/gossip later

2. Use physical force to stop

3. Take revenge by touching his/her private body parts

4. Stay confused and don’t take initiative to understand

5. None of the above

4. While talking to you somebody uses words like kiss your bums, centre part, etc

1. Stop him/her

2. Join him/her

3. Ignore

4. None of the above

5. Somebody falls on you

1. Push him/her away

2. Cry

3. Enjoy the fall on your body

4. None of the above

6. Somebody rubs their hand or any other body part to your any body part

1. Feel awkward and stay silent

2. Take initiative to understand your feelings

3. Scream as soon as someone touches any of your body part

4. None of the above

7. Somebody tries to peep in while you are taking bath or through your clothes

1. Communicate firmly to stop

2. Put a case against the person

3. Hug him/her

4. None of the above

8. Unknown person clicking your photo without informing you

1. Take the camera and throw it away

2. Blush and make friendship

3. Suggest a better quality camera

4. None of the above

9. Somebody pulling your cheeks

1. Bare the pain

2. Take help

3. Scare him/her away by acting like a tiger

4. None of the above

10.In public transport again and again somebody touches your body and acts like it was accidental

. Believe him/her

a. Scold the person with looouuuud voice

b. Act like sneezing and hit the person

c. None of the above