Session – Self Time – Exploring Books


This session was a surprise to me and broke my belief that “Many children don’t like to read books”.

We did settle our minds with a small Visualization. Imagine with closed eyes, We are surrounded by books and what type of book interests me, and spent silence self-time with the music. Many felt uncomfortable to be in silence, closing eyes was like a struggle, few opened eyes, few closed eyes, few giggling silently, few seeing others and laughing. We stopped the music and shared, this round let’s be in self-time and not disturb others. Second round most of them managed themselves in silence.
Session – Library tour:
We prompted that first 10 minutes was self-reading, second 10 minutes for sharing within the group about the book we read and last 3 minutes for writing the review of the book.

We formed groups of 5, did self-reading, discussed within the group and also did a review about the book and kept in the book as bookmarks as part of Reflection.

Observation: Less Instruction, Less Confusion. I observed children were quite on being involved in observing, reading at the books in their own style. Only one word prompts for Reading, Sharing, Writing Review was given after every 10 minutes. They all were very clear and were really quiet and silent with zero disturbance to others.
I wondered and appreciated their silence self-time. I broke my old belief and formed a new belief that Playful Children also love books.