Session – Experiencing Team work – Making of Kelamangalam travelogue


Do we all love to travel, how do you choose the place to travel ? – Yes, we all love it. We choose the place to visit to meet friends, family, to visit temples, To see the Palace, Museums, Parks, Forts, Place.
Does Kelamangalam have such kind of attractions – Nooooooo . Do we all think we can make a Travelogue for people who come new to Kelamangalam- Yessssssssssss.

Collection of attractions in Kelamangalam – like lakes, temples, hotels, hills, trekking places, police station, hospital, railway station and so on… Teams started discussing what and where and which and How?
Few teams were fully into discussions, few were lost, Few groups were interested, few groups got disinterested as they did not know how and what to do. They chose to leave the class. Few were in a dilemma about how to do, do i need to be in session or go. For a few when i expressed don’t worry, if you don’t know i can help you, gave the confidence to try out.
Observations: One group all together collected different places that can be added, few collectively made the map, each one giving different ideas and guiding each other how to do, few wanted to do by themselves, few as a group- allowed one person to draw, and others supplies ideas, pens, pencil. Even after time up few groups wanted to continue.
As a Team Each one was helping each other and were involved, co-operating, sharing their favorite places, eateries, temples, barber shops, road names, discussing, sharing stationaries, giving ideas.

Reflection – Rating ourselves about how we work as a team using fingers – Many rated 10 out of 10.