From Session


The week was full of action

It began with understanding what is “body coordination”. It is so much to do with our life and so less understood. Precision is a simple tool to explore but not much understood or practiced :).During the week we visited nearby farm to take part in groundnut harvesting. It was all about WORK. One child shared “When we were harvesting groundnut at farm, I was feeling that it won’t be able to finish so much in a day and I started, in the middle I felt that it is going to happen so negative image cleared and positive image came, it helped to work and finish the work.”

We took break from work to climb trees, play with pets and a walk into the forest within farm.Praveen, one of Aarohi parent joined to share about fitness and exercise – we had fun dancing and exercising and also knowing about fitness, food and various aspect of our body.This week we are working without planning and flow with the flow. We have no clubs – this allowed us to work on one thing for a longer time.We had flocci on flexibility – reading, understanding about flexibility. Bioscope was on dance steps – we practiced in the night.

One child brought music to listen with silence everyday in the night. This week in sunshine we had variety of western songs.Rajaram joined us to install solar lights in one of the unit (we call it Venus).In thought club we debated on “why is giving 10th exam is important?”. Different interesting point of view were shared.

Enjoyed the week of action.