Self Learning Reflection


Snippets from our weekly documentation of self learning – Its amazing to see how each one looks at their each week. All are in the same environment, but take away is different for different children.They like to document their week differently – some likes to write long stories (what all happened), some likes questions, some likes to write just key words, some keep it brief and some express emotions.

Below are the some of the weekly documentation from kids – nothing is changed or corrected, we document as it is.

Multiplication: I was quite focused in multiplication My speed was very fast in multiplication I was quite happy with my work it became a little interesting because of math game Yup. Sketching: I came back in my form and I also like I understand the shades of a pencil when i asked for feedback people said improve a bit and I want to improve on it. Learning: learning a lot of things making book making photo frames and also cooking and I understand these things and in the future I will use these things for my daily life so I don’t have to buy anymore notebooks. Tipi ti tap: I started understsanding it so i can use it. later to save water and probaly Used to save water and I could Publish it or sell them and probably use it Football: in football this week I learn new stunts and I would like to practice juggling and dribbling I have a feeling that we should practice more then play for winning and I am so happy about it practice more and more to become a good football player yup . Cooking i loved the part where we had to mix the dough. And rolling making the roti round was quit hard. And washing was fun but flipping it on the plan was the best. Theatre i liked the concept of levels and i added a lot of comedy but i was misbehaving. Wattle and daube it was fun putting the mud on the wall but quite disappointing when people come and break it. Division i learnt decimal numbers how to solve a remainder and the struggle was hard but after asking people i learnt

This week was quite tiring and refreshing and good experiencing of Aarohi and i was liking the from i was working and also i was organizing the summer camp that was also interesting way to communicate to different people , and mentor than and through out the week i was doing registration and different kinds of work ! and bedding was also interesting i was observing different people how they are working with each other and that was amazing to me and also , it was interesting to connect with different people. calling them talking to them and also discussing about some of those uncomfortable question ! and this is how my week ends by taking long dip into the pond and also climbing tress ( waiting for the next week .

How was i feeling about repairing one cycle?

What made me not focus in campus training?

How efficiently was i working today?

How was it not to tease anyone?

How much did i achieve today?

How much could i finish in maths today?

Why could i not understand the poetry session?

How was it feeling to join the theatre session?

What all could you show in astronomy ?

How much poster could you finish?

What all was interesting for me in ngo session?

What was my frame of mind in zipline?

Why did i not finish the telescope poster?

How was it to bring the advertisement?

How was to not get disturbed and work?

How was i able to collimate the telescope myself?

What did you understand about the reigai trekk?

How was it to trekk holding hands ?

Tooth brush stand, drilling bamboo, positioning, taking care of cracks, changing drill bits, understanding drill bits, and holding in position, filing, pushing, rubbing, measuring, marking, taking and keeping back material, and understanding different ideas. Toilet wall, supporting mud, putting mud, washing hands and legs, understanding how to do, putting sticks, filling gaps, and giving mud to people. Acting, understand voice modulation, understanding characters and how to portray them, understanding levels, relating to other people, doing whatever that comes to mind, and including everyone. Music, thinking of lyrics, playing instruments, singing, performing, practicing, matching the instrument to the music, and thinking of a beat. Poster making, writing, writing clearly,and getting feedback. Multiplication, mental math, challenging myself, understanding numbers, and calculating. Tabata , warm up, squats, hop squats, 180 degree squats, pushup, plank walk, mountain climber, crunches, leg up touch, fish uot of water, surya namaskar, and relaxation. Running, huffing, and pushing myself. Guiding, understand skills of people, leadership, making sure work is done, and making sure everyone is comfortable and okey.

This week i worked on zipline and it is almost done and i have to think of safety. this i also worked on tippity tap in that i’m working on a model which is into saving water. this week in basic skills i worked on bird documentation,in that i did 2 slides this week. this week i went for neighbourhood walk to the church and got the details about the mas timing and events about christmas.

Today we had to write what all we did and what we saw in it.

1) I did team meetings in the morning. I took down notes when I felt that it was important. I also wrote what my work was for the week in campus care.

2) While fixing the solar heater, I hammered, tightened and fixed the door with a little help from Casper.

3) While playing chess what I did was that I moved the pieces and thought a lot.

4) While explaining about sunshine, what I did was that I talked to the guest with a little help from Davin.

The second thing that we had to write about what we saw.

1) What I saw in team meetings was that I was contributing small points once in a while.

2) What I saw while fixing the door with Casper was that how much was needed for the door, how much wood,etc.

3) What I saw while explaining about sunshine was that I did not know everything.

Today we had to write about what we thought.

In basic skills I was thinking about what to write for CAT, was it the truth or a lie. and was I doing good on the basis with time. In carpentry I was thinking what all material I could use to make the wheelbarrow with Casper, how much of that will we need, how much time will it take, etc. In carpentry, I was thinking how much material we would need, how much time will it take, can it be finished today, etc. In campus care I was thinking how I could finish my work properly and quickly.

Today we had to write the visual beauty in our day.

1) Today the visual beauty in my basic skills was that I was able to look at the words being typed on the screen very quickly.

2) The visual beauty in carpentry was the final look of the object being fixed.

3) The visual beauty while playing chess was the way I killed the pieces and won the game.

4) The visual beauty in shooting for the movie was that the way the movies script was written.

5) The visual beauty in sports was that watching the ball move swiftly across the ground.

Today we had to write what we saw with our skin.

In basic skills I could feel the smooth touch of the letters on my fingertips.

In movie making, I could see with my skin by holding the rifle ( not a real one – I was shooting for the main villain).

In snacks I could see with my skin by feeling the paper on my fingertips.

In sports I could see with my skin by feeling the paper on my hands and the shirts of people on my palm.

My weekly commitments for this week was that I had to do dog study and chess. This week I had time only for chess as i my basic skills I was finishing my CAT.

I was in the organizing team so I had to take more responsible and I lean’t to mentor people when I was assembling the basket ball pole was focusing to skrue the nut . I was meeting different people and taking them for safety training . Preparing sunshine was a bit hectic but I prepared it detailed.

This week was my most “achieving” week. I worked in wattle and daub and i tried my hand at the daub. I was happy with what i was doing, But i think i could have done better. I also tried my hand at cooking and i made Rotis. I realized i lacked so many skills to make a simple Roti. I realized putting equal water and equal wheat flour won’t work and etc, etc. I also worked on my website project and i have almost finished it. I only need to arrange it in alphabetical order and add one more person and i will be done with it. But i think i needed to have clarity over what i was doing to follow-up with people. I was also very participative in events like poetry, NGO, etc,etc. I also participated in theatre and i think i need to be more participative and creative. And now coming to campus care. I was mentoring people in raking leaves and i think me and my team did quite a good job raking the leaves. It was also new for me to be mentoring people i hardly know. And this week, a lot of people had come to campus and i mingled well with them. To conclude, i can say that this is probably the most achieving week for me.

I got in the bus and then are journey began . we had our dinner and went for sleep then. after did few hours later we reached. it was confusing where to go i had hopes for a good place but it always changes. then we reached blue coral cottage we had rested and went for snorkeling then we came back and had lunch and then we did something when we came back then we had our dinner and went for sleep. next day we went for another beach with high waves and then we went for the museum and i got bored there but i met a scientist awesome and then something happened that made rat go mad then we came back and had dinner and then we started to play running and catching when i badly got hurt then we planned for sleep. day 3 we all went for the beach but not in water and saw lots of things like an alive fish and then we went to the museum and saw lots of fish and a big rare lobster 1st time in my life and many other water creature . also went for a tour in a boat and saw a very big fish and then we had lunch . then we came back for pack up and then we climbed on are bus and had lots of activity and went for sleep.

1] snorkeling i saw different creatures like sea cucumber ,coral etc

i also learned to snorkel in the water it was pretty cool

2] museum i saw lot of skeletons,shell,ancient period creature.

man it was amazing i had a good time and bad time

3] kitchen team was a hard time managing everyone man i so wanted to quit

but it’s are responsibility so it was a pain but what could i do so i continued

4] museum i learned lots of things but when i met the scientist i was happy and what he told me was cool

5] and i also learned that kaa is for learning not for fun and playing.