Self learning

Last week,i worked on “Self Concept” as a part of our weekly objective.Before preparing for session,i started building up my own blocks.I was constantly questioning myself,when i am not clear and not getting clarity how will i be able to facilitate the children.Becoming aware of self was becoming a uphill task for me and this belief was pulling me back.Initially looked vast to me but dividing them into sub elements helped meto understand. The more KGQ’s the wrote,the more the read about the topic I was getting clarity. Though I was working on my topicparallel with my team, I still had my apprehensions and the biggest was regarding RESOURCES. I was not able immediately connect with any of them. New children in session were another challenge for me and I was constantly thinking will the stimulation activities and resources help them in understanding the objective?

Finally the day came, I shared the objective with children and some children shared so whole week we are working on SELF but how. I read objectives with children, first we shared our thoughts and then explored further through our discussions. From children, I learnt a new way to look at my topic and it is where I have realized that throughout the journey I was looking through myperspective. The quest to know more about our topics made us to move out of session, we took interview of different people and shared the inputs with each other. I drew pictures, read meanings and made puppets as an extension of my learning. Doing stimulation activities with children helped me lot and at the end of each session, I knew my own beliefs & images and was on my own way on how to accept my self.
My take away from my session was work hard on resources and until & unless you work with children,you never know the other part of the topic.