Self Discovery – Mini Books


I thought I could not do mini books but one of my friends helped me to do books. What I like about mini-books is the design of mini books. My thought was I cannot do good design, then I thought and thought and thought and I got many many and many designs in my mind and I made it. I feel happy about my designs and that I made it. I felt my designs were colorful and beautiful.

They made a mini book and wanted to sell the books

Selling requires costing

Costing requires an understanding of raw material cost

Knowing is not enough, it requires the processing

First Costing
Handmade paper (borrowed from Aarohi)- Rs 5/-

The white sheet (borrowed from Aarohi) – Rs 5/-

Stapler (borrowed from Aarohi) – Rs 5/-

Making charges – Rs 5/-

Profit – Rs5/-

Total books made – 28nos

Total to give to Aarohi – 420/-

Costing after rechecking the cost of raw material

Handmade paper – 4 paisa

White sheet – Rs 2/-

Stapler – 1 paisa

Making charges – Rs 5/-

Total books made – 28nos

Total to give to Aarohi- Rs 58/-

They made books, they sold few at a higher cost, were given the feedback “expensive”. That re-worked on cost and discovered that they need to figure out many things!

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