Self Discovery Curriculum



One group made movie

The making of the movie was not the curriculum (or the agenda for facilitator)

Self-discovery was

It did not matter who was good or bad (strengths or weakness)

What mattered was what all the different possibilities for one to choose

GROUP REFLECTION done by them – they shared

Weakness – Facing camera, Laughter while acting, How to direct (as a director), Time management, Frustrated with re-shoots beyond 4 times, Communicating with the group,

Strengths – Act naturally, Experience of techniques, Problem Solving, Planning, Co-operative, Patient with others, Flexible and adjusting the time,

Suggestion – If everybody does all the jobs like editing, acting, camera holding (directing etc).

Process which helped – Clarity, Organised

Value addition of the group strength – Shooting plan and deciding location, Organising the shoot, Editing, Making props, Story, Script writing, Direction, Post production, Acting

The movie coming up soon…releasing after the break

Right in the first few years of life we get so used to being assessed by others that many of us lose the ability to assess ourselves, fairly. But whether it is praise or criticism – if the first line of assessment comes from me myself – then not only do I become more objective about my efforts and results, I am also able to take others’ views in a more balanced way.