Self Discovery


He has come to Aarohi for one month with only one agenda ‘to be independent’. He wondered for days ‘what is responsibility and freedom?”. And obviously he did not get any direct answers from us, all he got was multiple of experiences. He himself defined his own definition when he was allowed to do some task, but not allowed to do some :).

He was shifted from watering the garden to the kitchen because he was stamping plants in many places. He wondered again “why I have been shifted?” Obviously, he was not given any answers, he figured out and worked in the kitchen with an agenda to earn his trust with the campus team. He was rejected and accepted for a number of reasons at a number of occasions by a number of people at the campus.

He would just walk around during meals clean up, and finally, he realized that he can relate with cleaning washing station. He was guided a little, trained a little, pushed a little but never accepted with half-done work. He wondered “Why do you have Aarohi like this? Why is it not luxurious? I am used to a luxurious home.” And he only answered by self “oh!, so we can learn how to be independent and understand the value of water and work!. Back home he wants to stop all the showers and taps in the bathroom and allow only a bucket to take bath!

“I cannot do it, I cannot do hula-hoop for even a minute” was his expression two weeks back. He challenged himself, tried and tried and tried and reached 15 minutes.
Imagine Aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self-discovery.