Self Discovery


Keeping resource in place is one of the issue resource team faces :). After several announcements in planning, finally It came in ‘my voice’ as a concern ‘finding difficult to manage resources , need community to work with consciousness. While it was raised as a concern, and expressed to get community participation, there was no punishment for not doing, rather community came up with various solutions which included looking at it in different way

  • Keep in lost and found or keep it in tray or in place or gives to someone who does not have pencil.

  • Put visuals

  • Create a helping environment

  • Involve in repair and organizing to know the pain of maintaining

  • Think what if that resource is not available then what ?

  • Create awareness about value of natural resources by various presentations or experiences.

We continue to work on the same…..each individual is at different stage – some keep, some are conscious, some want but their actions does not support their intentions, some keep after reminders.

Imagineaarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be selfdiscovery.