Seek clarity

We share planning in the morning – and and some kids speak about the planning at the end. We make calendar at the end of the week, and some kids not take responsibility, but others have to invite them to raise hands…………..similar patterns at different places by different kids led to me pondering.

I decided to understand, during reflection I shared my observation with some of them and I learnt new perspective in facilitation.

They shared

  • When not clear
  • Thinking is the work less or more, will be able to do or not, what else do I have to do
  • not clear planning

After this we together worked on clarity and next two weeks, they were the first one to speak.

Wondering my role – instead of assuming that kids do not want to take responsibility, I just need to go ahead and seek clarity. I need to go beyond what my eyes can see, because that can be limiting, I need to work with understanding.