Seeing an Object


Observe any object and see the lines, curves, shapes, size, colur, texture.Wonder why the pens are of this size, why nibs have those curves or why scales are if 6″ or 12″? Wonder why ink was invented or staplers were made? What are these simple machine?Imagine you are the inventor of the object you are holding? Wonder how any thing would have been invented?

A show in thought club was invented – we began with observing an object, becoming that object, sharing our own story of invention, imagining being used and making our own usage rules. Imagination was at its peak with being an object -Pens were invented when someone wanted a portable writing tool, sketch pens were invented when some wanted something more than a stone to colur, punching machine was invented when someone wanted to make a hole for a paper to file in a bank, reading book was invented when a tree bark fell while testing under a tree, ballpen was invented when one was frustrated with ink stains.

It was an attempt to look at things differently and wonder beyond our imaginations.

Visual Intelligence is about seeing from an active, seeking, thoughtful, wondering, playful mind. It’s about seeing the present and the future and the past. It’s about seeing, carrying, playing with and creating images. Visual Intelligence is not about Art class. It’s about Art class in every class. How do you see the world around you? Or more specifically what do you see ‘in’ the world around you. Do you see rainbows in your garden? Do you see roses in cheeks? Do you see bravery in dresses? Do you see a “D” in an Auto rickshaw? Do you see a rose and say – oh it’s just another rose or do you marvel why its majestic thorns bend slightly downwards? Do you see a scene in a movie and enjoy the moment – or you also enjoy the low camera angle the director chose to make the eyes and tears look deeper. Do you read a maths problem and start solving it or do you see it unfolding in front of you – objectified within your realm of visualization? Do you like a juicy orange – or do you also see a beautiful dress evolving out as the slices pan out?