See what they want to show

During a session, whenever you look around and you see a group of children chatting,what is your reaction? Of course, oh these are chatting always, why can’t they be part of the bigger group etc etc. I was no different, but yet I was different.

During sunshine time few children were skipping. Whenever I looked at them they were chatting. Now the adult in me woke up with an agenda. I should talk to them, I should understand from them blah, blah, blah. As I started moving to them, (they were unaware I was coming to them) they again started skipping. This action of theirs stopped me and I got a nice reminder of my beliefs session. Do I see what I want to see and am I looking for proof to prove what I saw.
I re worked on what I was looking and I realized that they were chatting when they wanted a break. What a difference did change in perspectives bring with it? An experience which made me think can I see what the child wants to show, is that so difficult to follow or understand.