Scientific knowledge


Week began with “scientific knowledge” – why it is important to know? We read a little about soil, mist, plants, carbohydrates and explored how this knowledge is helping us? Well, some could find connection, some could not, some were wondering, some were helping others to find value out of what we read.

Through out the week we read about various things – “how things work” was one of the favourite book to read. Some interesting read on sound and vibration led to us knowing that elephants were used to create music – wood and tusk made a nice musical instrument. We read about the paints and their properties – this led to exploration of what is pigment? what are emulsion and acrylic paints…

Some shared the concern about plastic thrown in the ground – next day our morning walk was converted in plastic collection drive with all of together and singing “plastic where are you, we have come to pick you up”.

We introduced three laws of Newton to wonder and ponder. While we were pondering we also watched video about all three laws – paused and discussed what was said on the video. We translated the laws in our own language. Getting introduced to terms like force, mass, acceleration, resistance was new for the group. We ended with a quiz and discussed every answer. We spend our day slapping or pushing each other “every action has reaction”.

This week we explored what is inside the car. We opened the bonnet and looked inside what all makes car to move. The week ended up with reflecting on the week and exploring how reflection is leading to self assessment. DIfferent children had different ways of looking at their own assessment.