Scientific Enquiry


What Edison is famous for is inventing the lgith bulb, but we think what he should be famous for is for failing in 3000 ways. In many ways he showed the world what not do. His failing or mistakes were the corner stone of his journey.

Lets teach our kids to make mistakes, play around with making and breaking rather directly getting into “the core concept”.

Two aarohi children at campus are experimenting with making of natural stuff. They began with making soap ended up with cream. They made different kinds of toothpaste…and they very proudly sell their inventions to us. They are currently trying to freeze their soap in mud pot and wondering what all will take it to freeze their solution, so it feels like soap…

Before they even worked on making natural colours with flowers and leaves. They crashed ticks (from our dogs body) and declared that as “natural red color”…

Enjoying their scientific exploration and their joy every time when they fail and invent something else.