Few names appeared in physical violence during train travel

Each one was written a note to join us for a restorative circle

In Sahayavani each one shared their version of the story

We all just listened – all stories were the same with different experience

Each one made “A REQUEST” to all OTHERS

Each one made “A REQUEST” to SELF

And shared a closing thought and that’s all

The Story – Agitation on misusage of resources, ganging up and beating up, favoring one over other, more physical violence, more emotions arousing, finally help of an adult and setting with calmness.

Concerned shared by each one

Misuse of resources

Bullying younger and weaker kids

Violence in public spaces

Bullying and ganging up against some

Requests made to others by each one

If I hit, stop me

Do Not favor others and do not gang up

Take care of resources

In case of flaring up of emotions, take help

Help only when one asks for it

Listen to each other

Do not interfere with others

Continue your support and listen after emotions are settled

Requests made to self by each one

I will continue to stay calm

I will ask for help

I will not be part of ganging up

I will not mix emotions and actions

I will take care of 3 mother codes – Self, Other and Resources


Sahayavani creating a platform for all to equally to be able to speak

It’s nice to be listened to

During listening and expressing, all listened to others, most spoken with honesty and accepted their actions.

Compassion for all those who went through this experience and becoming part of this process to bring peace, joy, and happiness in the community

The concept of REQUEST comes from Nonviolent-Communication (NVC) – exploring different ways to bring listening in the community!

Imagine Aarohi, An Open Learning Community, a life education, where learning happens from their life – for life.