Safety training at Aarohi


Safety training

Hi guys PMO here as you know today’s topic is safety training.

What are safety holes? Safety holes are CD’s with writings to make us alert about what we are doing. To make us attentive but they are not to make us scared or to threaten us. What comes in our minds when we see this? Some of us get scared. Some of us start getting worried.

What are the three mother codes?

Care for self

Care for others

Care for resources and environment

These the codes are followed in Aarohi to make things easier.

Taking care of self means we take care about what we do, how we eat, what we eat, taking care of our hygiene, we take care of our emotions, we take care of sexual safety and we are cautious about our actions.

Taking care of others means we take care of the other person’s feeling for example we are not supposed to tease them or put them down at something which they are not good at. We don’t hurt others physically. Basically we take care of our friends.

Taking care of resources and environment means we take care not to disrespect any resource or to spread bad environment like something inappropriate.

First aid: In Aarohi we have first aid material like crepe bandages antibiotic cream etc.

Gates and boundaries: we don’t jump the gate and we don’t go through the fences.

Water tank: our tank is 10 feet deep and we store all our water over there. We get drinking water from the borewell and it’s clean to drink without purifying it.

Fire safety: we should not leave the fire unattended because if we do the place can get burnt. We are not supposed work with fire wearing synthetic clothes.

Safety in the dark: we should always use a torch in the dark. We should not go barefoot. We always wear shoes to go into the bushes.

Pets safety: we don’t trouble the dogs while they are eating their food. We do not carry the cats or the dogs. After we touch any of our pets we wash or hand before moving on to our next task.

Elephant safety: when a facilitator says elephant alarm you go to the main building. When we watch the elephants we don’t talk because the elephants get disturbed. And if you are taking photos take them without using flash and we don’t use torches because they don’t like torches.

These are our safety rules, you can suggest some more so that we can be a safer learning community and so that we learn from you as well.