Safe Decisions


Children are often caught in the Decision Making conflict or sometimes take an impulsive decision (only to regret later).

Examples could be – Should I join someone who is gossiping about others or not? Join in teasing or not, join in the inappropriate conversation (sexual talks which are not age appropriate and not in sync with family values), or should I have a physical fight with someone while traveling? or should I do something (which is tempting but possibly not okay), etc?

Safe decision-making process helps in making a SAFE decision. This was introduced in Helpmates today.

Safe Decision Making (process) is in Our Hands – we start with the little finger:

Little finger – Do I have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ feeling about this action of mine?
Ring Finger – If I need, is there somebody here who can help?
Middle Finger – Is any adult informed about where I am and what I am doing?
Index Finger – Will my action harm or hurt me or anyone in my group?
Thumb – So, what is my decision – Do it, Not do it or Look for more options / discuss?

The process of making safe decisions helps in thinking and may be a habit of mind for some of us. This is not about right or wrong decisions, its more about knowing and making a SAFE decision.