Saaf safai ka bhi maaza

On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 7:36 PM, Girija Nair<>wrote:

Everyopportunityis a learningopportunityfor all adults and kids.

Would anybody have thought that cleaning the entire resource room would be a learning opportunity?

Well, in AArohi it is and all adults and children were involved in it. I am not sure why am I writing adults and children when in reality we all are the same. Adults were also equally responsible for the mess and also for the clean up. So from now when I say we it includes both.

Last 2-3 days, we were cleaning up the resource room and believe me it was an herculean task, boxes all mixed up, lids not there, content there but label of something else, phew!!!

Well, we began our journey with taking one box and sorting and cleaning up, analysing what all is there, going through the content, thinking how else I can use and each adding value to the box.

Want to learn spelling, we did it by labelling the boxes, want to learn quantity we did by counting, measuring talking about weight, cost etc, want to learn experimenting we were all eager to now understand how things are made, talk about the material and its composition etc. Music added its flavour to the whole pocess. What a better way to learn about team building and individual space and acceptance.The learning is not yet over. It is just a beginning to what I would call the next stage resource management– after all this if you thought it will be easy to take material from resource room. Sorry you will have to wait. We are planning and thinking how all can use the resource in harmony and how the resource can be treated with respect and how to be responsible