S and F words

One child using F word and S word.

Some kids brought in thought club. The meaning of the words were discussed. Some went to dictionary to find words. Some shared what they know about the usage and meanings.

One notice was put on the board

Topic – “F word and S word”.

  1. Complete the followings in 3 different ways
    • S____ S_____________ S__________________
    • F____ F_____________ F__________________
  2. Design a toy with “S” or “F” or both.
  3. Bring in show and tell “21 creative use of “S” and “F” word.
  4. How many places can you use “S” and “F” word?
  5. Where all have you heard “fuck, sexy, Suck, Sucker”.
  6. What can be the replacement of word “simple”

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