Rude Responses


Bad News – Teasing and Rude responses.

Good News – Teasing and Rude responses.

Well, the helpmates brought an opportunity to express “a lot of teasing happening, for smallest of the question there is rude response and the communication lacking compassion”. Thank you Lakshmi for bringing this up.

Some said

May be freedom to express makes one carefree

May be needs more challenges

May be not aware that there is a problem (teasing or rudeness is fine)

May be we become counsellors to each other

May be we need to look in our own responses (different responses to different ages)

Points to ponder

What is teasing?

Why does one tease others?

How do one develop the sensitivity of boundaries (when to stop)?

How does influences influence (movies, media, videos, friends, celebrities)?

What is compassion? How do we bring compassion to experience in the community?

What all ways we can bring compassion in the community without tempering with each child’s thought process?

Kids in all ages are very fragile (although they look tough), how do we nurture them without hurting their individual identity?

Some kids are not aware what they are doing (teasing, attitude, rudeness) – how do we make them aware for them to choose without imposing our values?

Kids are growing, they want complete freedom (no interference), in the absence of the same they struggle and exhibiting inner frustration in many different ways – attitude, putting down others and so on. How do we give them freedom with responsibility of their actions?

Kids are growing, their skills are developing and not yet completely developed – they have their own frustration, their own struggles. How do we understand their struggles, be supporting to them and yet not letting this balance (freedom and boundaries) go away and bring harmony?

Some kids have high aspirations, they have yet not reached “there”, how do they travel this journey while they maintain the balance of freedom and boundaries?

Some kids have their own past experience making them very bitter for life and people around them, how do we care for them (wait for their soul to glow), while maintaining balance for the community (of the environment) till they gain self respect?

Some have very strong opinions on “culture, religion, cool stuff”, how do we bring the mutual respect and acceptance while question one’s own beliefs?

We cannot teach anybody to care, to connect, to collaborate…But even more complex is the understanding of co-existence. One can argue co-living is obvious, yet many of us operate as if oblivious. In a world where most systems are designed for independence, how do we create an environment which can foster this understanding among children and youth?

To us it is not a lesson to be taught but a life long journey to be initiated.