Rock Climbing and Tools


Rock climbing sounds exciting. Knowing and understanding our tools before we go for rock climbing is essential to begin our journey!

Yes, this is what we did today with Kowshik (our guide and me tired for this rock climbing trip).

What is Harness? Why do we need? How to use? How many loops? What is backup buckle?

Why we need helmet? What will helmet do us?

How would the rope go? What are the different ropes?

How to use different knots? What is figure of 8? What is safety knot?

Why we need shoes?

Who is belayer? What is the role of belayer? What is belay loop? What are belay devices? Why is belayer’s safety important? Who can be Belayer? Why to know the name of the Belayer?

What is carabiner? What is locking and non locking beaner? What is the weight limit of carabiner? What is KN ( kilo Newton)

What is buddy check? Why carabiner is designed for such loads?

What all can happen when tools not used precisely?

What is the language or signal to start – climbing, climbing on?

What is buckle check?

Why everyone can be climber but everyone can’t be a Belayer?

What is dynamic and static load?

What is sandstone?

What are quick drops?

The session was designed to understand tools and safety. Some left with more anxiety, while some curious, some left with excitement to look forward to this exciting challenge!

Preparation to understand safety continues this week…