Review Week – Aarohi X

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Let’s look back on our experience of Aarohi-x for the last two months – reflecting on our needs and understanding how the different processes are enriching our journey.Reviewing is central to any democratic space. We believe democracy cannot be learned, it can be experienced. We are experimenting with many forms of interactions, communications, interventions, and systems – all targeted to make the community truly interdependent – with co-creation, co-learning, and co-existence as key parameters.

Anjali sharing – In review week My experience – “As a person being in any firm Or organization feels important when they listened to you and give importance to your needs and suggestions. “The whole group listening to my needs and proposal made me feel that I can and I am also able to add value for the betterment of the learning community. It makes me think from my perspective, from a group perspective.


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