Review to Reflect


Democracy at Aarohi means involvement

Democracy means participation

Democracy means understanding our roles

REVIEW week at Aarohi was all about time to pause and reflect – What all can add value in learning? What roles we all play? And any working of Aarohi? Many a time it does not bring any conclusion or so-called decision – but the process brings awareness and that is Aarohi about!

To use the gadget in the train or not, issue library books or not, etc. were some of the topics for our community voice – we passed few proposals, agreed on some, few we adjusted – but in all, voice of each community member was important.

Planning and Reflection are part of self-directed learning in open learning environment – review week allowed us to ponder “Why do we need? How do you add value? Any suggestions for the growth?” The session brought clarity for some, understanding for some, and value for some.

A show on what role one can play – reviewing my role in my life, people around me and their roles? It was new, it was different for many to think about their own role. Each one of us came on the stage and spoke for a minute, for one-minute others asked questions or gave feedback.

I add value by filling up the gaps

How do you take care of yourself?

What are your other interests?

Are you doing enough?

Do you need any help?

Do you have friends

Explore many things

I am kind

How are you helping the community

I don’t need help

When I have doubts, I ask

What value your friend add

I follow I learn from

My role is to be myself, not only to be nice always

Peer interaction helps me in exposure

Living in peace

Friends are important in my life

How to deal with blames

Helping family

Social Life is simple

My behavior will impact my sister

Understanding sibling relationship ship

My friends make me feel accept me, and value

Facilitators help me by interrogating to show

How do you connect with people?

I ask people about their likes and I like going deep. Soon I am friends with people.

I do gardening at home

Sometimes I learn from parents

The facilitator helps me in very very detailed planning

How do you feel when you are left out

Do you feel lonely at home

What is your friend’s role?

Do you accept feedback?

In what way your peers help you

How do you think about what role your brother is playing in your life?

When you go home you are happy or sad?

What motivates at home?

Do you have friends?

Why you don’t get involved in thought club?

Why do you hit people?

I learn many things, getting introduced to many things

What is your role with your friends?

My friends understand me a lot

Do you like to play with your sibling, even though you get irritated?

My role is to be an explorer

My friends nudge me, motivate me, helps me.

My parents give me from doing what I like doing?

At home, I am with lots and lots of books

Aarohi is a place for people like me

My role is as a learner

Giving opportunity for others to learn

Friends doing stuff along with me, add fun

Parents giving an opportunity for different exposure

I enjoy the process of making something

My sibling is one constant friend

How do you trust people?

What kind of help do you want from your friend?

My role is to discover myself

Friends helping me by giving feedback

What help do you need from the community?

Feedback – Can you check your language?

When you don’t listen, it trouble?

What benefit do you get by putting down others

If you want friends in Aarohi, check your language?

Trying to control my anger

Take help, learn on my own, research on old coins, started drawing,

When you are angry – Sound very rude, find faults in others – does not help.

Do you want to work on building the trust of your parents? How do you plan to work on building trust?

How is community helping? Facility helping.

How can friends help you? Not act irritating will help me.

Sometimes I don’t have words, sometimes I take help.

I try to be myself, we all are equal ( all ages)

I am working on giving away my soft corner

I believe that we all are capable of taking care of.

Looking for an opportunity to add value

I have become brave

You have observed your own weakness

Ae you always soft?

My father used to do things beyond normal, I am in the zone of doing

Try to make others’ day richer – same thing doing deeper, or doing new things.