Resource people


We invite homeschooling parents to be part of resource team for Aarohi and homeschooling community. Each one of you is passionate about something and can add value in children’s learning journey.

Few examples below
  • One Homeschooling parent is passionate about ‘making’. Their child is into making and inventing electronics stuff, father spend 3days at Aarohi to share his passion of making, The child prepared different project for each child at Aarohi, we had good time exploring together.
  • Another parent, passionate about birds, joined us for a day to spend time, kids got the bird fever and go for bird watching every Wednesday now on their own.
  • Another parent loving kitchen garden spend time with kids at campus to share about organic gardening
  • One more parent passionate about language joined us for four days to kindle the love of language among some of us
  • One parent invited another Friend to share Kabir singing with kids
  • One parent knew finger knitting and shared her joy and skill of finger knitting with children
At Aarohi, we believe each individual is a wonderful story and our children would benefit by getting exposed to your story. We would love to learn from you and we learn anything from anyone. We invite you to be part of learning community at Aarohi. You can be from any part of the world, geographical boundaries does not make any difference.

You can plan sharing any skill with children, You can plan to come with your children –so they also get exposed to other children / adults /environment. You can come for one or few or many days.Kids can exchange ideas, skills and interact more in different ways.

if this excites you, connect with us,